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Hidden behavioral fingerprints in epilepsy

Gschwind T, Zeine A, Raikov I, Markowitz JE, Gillis WF, Felong S, Isom LL, Datta SR, Soltesz I.

Neuron June, 2023


Epilepsy is a major disorder affecting millions of people. Although modern electrophysiological and imaging approaches provide high-resolution access to the multi-scale brain circuit malfunctions in epilepsy, our understanding of how behavior changes with epilepsy has remained rudimentary. As a result, screening for new therapies for children and adults with devastating epilepsies still relies on the inherently subjective, semi-quantitative assessment of a handful of pre-selected behavioral signs of epilepsy in animal models. Here, we use machine learning-assisted 3D video analysis to reveal hidden behavioral phenotypes in mice with acquired and genetic epilepsies and track their alterations during post-insult epileptogenesis and in response to anti-epileptic drugs. These results show the persistent reconfiguration of behavioral fingerprints in epilepsy and indicate that they can be employed for rapid, automated anti-epileptic drug testing at scale.

Keywords: 3D video; behavior; biomarkers; drug screening; epilepsy; machine learning; phenotyping.

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