Tomo graduated with a B.S. in neuroscience from Muhlenberg College. During his undergraduate studies, he conducted research focused on the impact of environmental toxins on the behavior and odor detection sensing mechanism of bumble bees. This involved employing electrophysiology techniques, utilizing hand-made electrodes to investigate the neural activity of bumble bee brains. His academic pursuits are centered around the integration of electrophysiology and optogenetics, aiming to attain precise insights into neural mechanisms. Beyond his academic endeavors, Tomo’s interests encompass basketball, American football, chess, video games, and fitness activities.

Strange but True: Back in my elementary school days, my parents surprised me with a DS Pokemon game and I couldn’t wait to rush home every day and dive in. Little did I know, my dad shared the same passion and ended up taking the game to a whole new level. While I was at school, he was busy raising every single Pokemon to  level 99. Thanks to his dedication, I maintained an unbeaten record during that time among my friends.